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Originally set up as a record label, SiAn has evolved into a marketing and management company, specializing in Digital Strategy, Social Media, Direct2Fan, Website Design and Development and Project Management.

Our aim is to work with artists, labels and managers, to develop effective strategies and reach their creative and commercial goals at an affordable price.

We still develop acts and release music, but the emphases has shifted from releasing CDs and plugging radio, to releasing digitally and marketed online.


We do however offer web services through our Music Website Design Agency.

For details on sound and film production, view studio and filming sections below.

Project Based Services

  • Web Design & Development | Mobile Design & Development | Digital Marketing Campaign | Mobile Marketing Campaign | Merchandising Campaign | Branding Campaigns | Social Media Campaigns | Fan Acquisition


Although our focus has moved away from them traditional route of the music business, we still work at developing talent and bringing them to market.

We came up through the traditional method of band management and have released albums through the traditional routes.

We still very much believe that music is about the live experience and have always been drawn to great live acts.


Not our typical Irish singer songwriter, Simon blends elements of gospel and folk with acoustic rock to produce a big Americana sound.

Album Of The Week - RTE Radio 1, IRE

Best Performance - International Songwriting Competition

"I love it when I hear something this compelling and recognize it on a first listen" - Huffington Post, USA

"Good honest song writing" - 9/10, IRE


It's easy to think that these blues rockers are from the deep south, but you'd be wrong. This Irish 5 piece have all the soul and swagger of the old classic rockers and a live show to boot!

"The newest messiah's of rock n' roll" - All Access Magazine, USA

"The best debut album I've ever heard" - Nicky Horne on Planet Rock

"This album is stunning" - Live For Metal, UK

"Assuming we actually get a summer this year, Jaded Sun ought to be part of the sound track in a very big way." - Classic Rock Magazine, UK


Camelot Studios is a new professional recording studio based in Dublin 15. We deliver a high quality, reliable and professional service to all our clients, at competitive rates. We have a large live room, designed to be both acoustically and aesthetically sound.

We also offer spacious rehearsal rooms.

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Camelot Studios


In conjunction with Camelot studios, we offer high quality live, studio videos at an affordable price. Here ia a sample of one of those videos.

We have a lot of experience in film production and can work to any budget.

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Plastic Hallway is a DIGITAL MARKETING/WEB DESIGN AGENCY, based in Dublin. We help businesses and labels cultivate and expand their audience. The internet is a great resource that is too often taken for granted. Just because you have a website, doesn't mean anyone will visit it. Just because you have 2,000 Facebook followers, doesn't mean they are seeing your updates. Just because you upload a video, doesn't mean anyone is going to see it.

By understanding how people use the web and how companies like Fabook and Google deliver news feeds and search results will allow you to position your product infront of your audience and be heard.

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Plastic Hallway


Please contact us for further information on our services.

If you are sending music, either pop a CD in the post or e-mail me a link (no mp3 attachments!)

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